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Once in a while we have a little chat with someone with a special job, an inspiring life, a remarkable character or an out of the box vision. 
This time we spoke with Mette Te Velde mother of Suki (1,5 years old)

What about her?

Photo: Anne Claire de Breij
Name: Mette te Velde
Age: 34
Kids: 1
Business: Founder of Strawberry Earth: a design blog, events platform and deal site featuring great products and amazing experiences from sustainable brands.

So, how to be an eco-friendly mom? Any sustainable tips?
I call it 'strawberry' choices when I speak in terms of choosing the best for Suki. Why? Because of her health and future of course!
My favorites are:
Diapers from Natty of Bambo
- Skincare and shampoo from Weleda
- Second hand clothes or new from brands like Mini RodiniKids Case and Gray Label of course ;-)
- Bio foods with seasonal veggies and fruit
- Toys that will live a long life and can be passed on to the next generation. At  http://www.shak-shuka.com/ you can find nice stuff
- Nature! Fresh air and most important, to let her run.
- In my garden I am going to create a little vergetable garden, so when she is a bit older she can pick her own little tomatoes. 

What’s keeping your head up during Momma-Hood?

My daughter’s
laughter and enthusiasm for everything and anything.
What’s made you (almost) crazy?
moment she had to move to her own room. It felt so unnatural to not have her
right by my side.

What advice do you wish you had ignored?
That an
epidural during labour is bad. It saved my life!

What advice do you wish to pass on?
not invite all your friends and family just after your baby is born. Really
enjoy the very intimate and special moment you have with your baby and partner.
You’ll never forget it.

listen to horror stories about giving birth.

take advice from 10 different people but listen to your own intuition and body
during pregnancy but also if it’s about parenting.

your phone off when you have your ‘mama-day’ and truly focus on your child and
enjoy your quality time together!

What motivates you to go on when your dreams scare you?
taking any risks in life is going to be very very boring.
You learn
most from failures.
Your life
is not a rehearsal, it’s now. So do the thing that you want to do NOW.
Any advise for mums starting up their own
read any articles about ‘how difficult it is to combine parent ship with ambition.' You’ll find your own way of doing it.

Define your
definition of success. Is it money? Is it a balanced life with time for your
children? Is it to inspire people? What is success for you? Don’t let other
people tell you what success is.

Create a
good team around you. You can’t do everything by yourself. Dare to admit your
weaker spots and find someone who’s great at it.

someone you admire to be your mentor. Someone with experience who can help you

flexible. The business plan you have written one day will not be the same
after some time. It always goes different than you thought and that’s not a
problem as long as you dare to go with the flow. 
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