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Maison Deux Cars: Curated By

Maison Deux Cars: Curated By

Dutch Design comes to the visual core of the object in the Maison Deux Cars

Gray Label and Maison Deux, two brands from Amsterdam, share the love for minimalistic and timeless design. Maison Deux believes that by eliminating the details of a product, Dutch Design comes to the visual core of the object. We would like you to meet the Maison Deux Cars.

Together with Lex Pott, Maison Deux created a range of toys that will last for generations. Gray Label specifically likes the Solid Race Car, a minimalistic race car, handcrafted from one single piece of solid oak and finished with walnut wheels.

It’s a long-lasting object that combines the minimalist design principles with sustainable and natural materials.

Find yourself a long-lasting ride. Shop the Maison Deux Cars here.

Maison Deux Cars


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