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July x Gray Label

In celebration of the new store, we’re giving away a 75 pcs signed and limited edition graphic artwork by July Adrichem with a spend over € 75 during the opening night and the following weekend.

July Adrichem (1988) is a Dutch artist focusing on minimalistic shapes. July was asked by Gray Label to create this celebration artwork, following on an exclusive collaboration, the ‘PLAY series’. The series resulted in a line of six different pieces of geometric art executed in Gray Label’s colours, for sale exclusively at the Huidenstraat and the brand’s online store. Available Monday October 26th.




There is a place where men and women build human towers till 10 floors height, using their bodies, effort and wiliness...
The “Nan Casteller” is a building game, characterized by its stability and  right angle’s pieces. These two features allow the younger kids to pile them up and to fit them bringing to new structures,  stimulating user’s imagination. Complex game, but really worth trying...

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