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Gray Label Spring Summer 20

Child & planet friendly production

Sustainable kids clothes

"Our garments are friendly for the planet, the ones creating them and for the ones wearing them" - Emily Gray

At Gray Label, children are central to everything we do. We believe that children have a primary right to be regarded and respected as the person they are. This means we respect the world they live in, too. Our minimalistic styles are designed to last. We never go on sale and we strive to keep our items and materials circulating. We work hard to integrate sustainable and responsible practices in all our processes. From the beginning, we have tried to take organic production further than just working with organic cotton. Today, each Gray Label item carries the GOTS certification label, assuring that everything is made following the highest standards of organic and socially responsible production.

We meet the highest standards of organic production

Sustainable kids clothes Factory

Material | 100% organic cotton

Carrying the GOTS certified label means:

  • ●   No chemical and pesticides
  • ●   91% water conservation
  • ●   62% energy conservation
  • ●   26% less soil erosion
  • ●   70% less acidification of land and water
  • ●   Farmers are protected by trade unions
  • ●   Fair price and direct payment
  • ●   Health improvement and better healthcare system

Everything we create, is with respect for human

Sustainable kids clothes Factory

Production | Social Responsibility

The GOTS LABEL in each item assures:

  • ●   Long term partnerships and regular audits
  • ●   Safe and hygienic working conditions
  • ●   Fair wage
  • ●   No child labour
  • ●   Working hours are not excessive
  • ●   Regular employment is provided
  • ●   Freedom of association
  • ●   Social compliance management
  • ●   Close to home, to avoid long distance travel 
  •      by airplane
  •      by airplane

Due to timeless and minimalistic design, our products sustain multiple lifecycles

Sustainable kids clothes Factory

Designed to last | preventing waste

For us sustainability means:

  • ●   Creating year round collections and staying away 
  •      from trends
  • ●   Creating pieces that last
  • ●   Never going on sale, never dump left over
  •      collections
  • ●   Left-over fabrics are used to develop new
  •      Gray Label products
  • ●   Circulating older stocks
Sustainable kids clothes Factory

Packaging | an inevitable case

Every webshop order needs packaging.

We can’t avoid it, but we do everything

to minimize it by:

  • ●   Designing Gray Label’s packaging as
  •      all other things: clean and minimalistic
  • ●   Always looking for better, greener options
  • ●   Using polybags made from recycled plastic
Sustainable kids clothes Factory
Sustainable kids clothes Factory
Sustainable kids clothes Factory