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L’Affice Moderne

L’Affice Moderne

L’Affiche Moderne is a French online gallery and webshop presenting the works of young photographers, graphic designers and children’s illustrators.


Drum and Stripes by Dahf Henriquez Daniela

Enfant-Noir-Blanc-2 Enfant-Noir-Blanc

By Minoura Kentaro

It all started with a simple observation: there are so many great artists willing to present and sell their art and also so many people appreciating photography, graphic design or illustration who don’t know where to find original and affordable art for their walls.


Rabbits and Stripes by Morin Caroline

L’Affice Moderne wanted to create a place where both could be brought together, a place where all people loving art, despite a shoe-string budget, can become art collectors.

The ones we show here are our favourites.


Hairy Athlete - Ballet by Lubek


3 by Chenaille Valentin


Falling in snow love by Nääs Lina

All Images: L'Affiche Moderne

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