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New in store: Abel Perfume

New in store: Abel Perfume

Entering the Gray Label Universe: Frances Shoemack, founder of Abel

Once we got to know Frances Shoemack, the founder of natural perfume brand Abel, we knew we found a kindred spirit. Apparently we have a lot in common. Gray Label and Abel share an eye for simplicity, our focus on things that really matter, our taste for unisex, holistic approaches and our genuine care for the planet. Very inspiring!

Almost right away, we started brainstorming with Frances about how to bind our strength together. Very cool things are coming up in the future! But first, we've added Abel’s Vita Odor range to the universe of our Amsterdam store. This 100% natural perfume line consists of the fragrances Golden Neroli, Cobalt Amber, Grey Labdanum, Red Santal and White Veviter. Each fragrance comes in a bottle of 15 ML, and costs € 48,-.


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