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A gift of art made by Cate Adriana: Motherhood No. 2

A gift of art made by Cate Adriana: Motherhood No. 2

This Mother’s Day we are giving away 30 signed “Motherhood no.2” prints by Dutch Artist and Illustrator Cate Adriana when you purchase a bottle of NURTURE. We’ve taken a moment to hear from this talented Mother about her inspiration for work and life...

Motherhood no. 2 with Cate Adriana

This Mother’s Day we have 30 signed “Motherhood no.2” prints by Dutch Artist and Illustrator Cate Adriana to give away when you purchase a bottle of NURTURE.

NURTURE is a soft calming fragrance created by Gray Label and Abel Odor to remind a mother to take care of herself while also taking care of her little ones. When we launched NURTURE two years ago, it was alongside Cate’s “Motherhood no.1” work and it’s wonderful to be coming full circle. More than ever we are craving life’s small joys - beautiful art and gorgeous scents that nurture the soul and the senses.

We adore Cate’s stunning work, with its organic lines and Matisse-eque expressive fluidity and have taken a moment to hear from this talented Mother.

1/ Nurture uses scent to encourage a mother to take care of herself while taking care of her little one. As an artist and mother, what do you do to take care of yourself?

When I need a moment alone to take care of myself, I like to meditate or enjoy some exercise. I honestly must admit that my work - painting - also has a calming effect on me. I am completely in my own world. It has a healing and calming effect on my mind and soul. I am a person who clearly “claims” her own space and “alone time”. Years ago I found this more difficult, but I am very clear about it now. This works very well.

2/ Capturing the essence of NURTURE into a visual work isn’t easy, how did you go about transcribing the ethereal into the tangible?

I designed the work when I had just become a Mother. I felt so many new emotions, but especially the protective, nurturing feelings. It came naturally; all emotions, captured and bundled. I don't sell prints, but this collaboration immediately felt right. 

Ps. Nurture is also my favourite perfume of all times. No lie ;-)

Thanks Cate, so wonderful to hear from you, and what a treat to be able to share your beautiful work with our community.

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